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Training Overview

Through a long standing partnership with the internationally recognised institution PECB (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board), we are proud to offer the widest range of training courses which are underpinned by internationally accepted Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) best practices based on a range of GRC related frameworks and standards including ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 38500, ISO 22301 and ISO 20000, ISO 19600, BS 10500 and many more to suit your needs.

About PECB

PECB has earned a reputation for value, integrity and best practice by providing assurance through the evaluation and certification of professionals against rigorous , internationally recognised competence requirements.

Our mission is to provide our clients comprehensive personnel examination and certification services. Certification represents the crossover of protection of the public, fairness to candidates and often, various interests of the profession. Although these may appear to be competing interests, a well-designed certification program will be most effective in meeting these interests when its resources are deployed to enhance validity and reliability.

Approach to GRC Management Training

Our approach to training provides delegates with valuable practical experience of how to overcome the typical challenges they are likely to experience when undertaking GRC related projects within their own organisations. Delegates enjoy the following benefits:

  • A choice of brief management overview, foundation or intensive practitioner-level courses
  • Course development and presentation by subject-matter experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in their field of expertise
  • Practical course content, hand-outs and interactive group discussions
  • International certification exams for selected courses

Methods of Training

  • Public
  • In-House
  • Self-Study

Areas of Training Courses Available:

      • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)
      • Anti-Bribery – ISO 37001
      • Compliance – ISO 19600
      • Risk Management – ISO 31000 & ISO 27005
      • IT Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (IT GRC) – ISO 38500 & COBIT 5
      • IT Security Management – ISO 27000 range
      • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Management – ISO 22301
      • Professional Courses: CMO, CLPI, CLFE, CLSI, CL-SCADASP, CLPT
      • Project Management – ISO 21500
      • Supply Chain Security Management – ISO 28000
      • Six Sigma – ISO 13053

Download our 2016 Training Catalogue for a comprehensive overview of our offerings:

2016 Training Catalogue